9 thoughts on “Tell me your favourite place in Mumbai?

  1. Well, have been there a couple of times and I loved this place called “Pizza by the Bay”. Worli sea-face during sunset was pretty amazing too [but you need to be there with someone special 😉 ].

  2. One of the best places to go with family or friends or even alone would be the Borivali National Park also known as the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It is a National Park right in the city.
    Entry to the park is very cheap. (Rs. 33 or Rs. 36 per person). You can take your two or four wheelers as well after payment of requisite charges.
    Once inside there are lot of things that you can do. You can simply keep walking and talking in serene beauty and silence of the jungle. You can also take cycles on rent on hourly basis.
    The major attractions inside the park are mini-train, Jungle Safari, Boating and Kanheri Caves. I would personally recommend going to the Kanheri Caves. It’s a beautiful place which is about 7kms inside the park. You can walk, take your vehicle, cycle or just take the bus from the entrance of the park to the Caves(Fixed timings of buses). Please note if you are going walking or cycling, there is a nice steep hill towards the end before you reach the cave.
    With regards to boating, you’ll get two seater or four seater boats. For Mini-train and Jungle Safari, there is a requirement of minimum number of people (15) for it to start. So there might be waiting time there.
    Overall, it would be a wonderful experience and you can spend the whole day in less than Rs.150 per head(If you do all the activities) . (Park timings – 7:30 am to 6:30pm)

    1. Hey, that’s an amazing one I’m hearing.
      I never knew about this place at all! Always thought Mumbai is the sea face kind and not meant for anything that required that much of land. 🙂
      Nice to know. Thank you for sharing!

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