Pay Per Minute

You’re about to witness one of the most amazing schemes in the history of marketing!

Now we all have heard of the popular ‘Pay per Click’ model by Google and the ‘Par per second’ scheme by all telecom companies, but has any one of us ever heard about Pay per minute?

Let me tell you what it is. But you’ll have to refer to the photo below:


In the face of saturation of all business models, this is an example of disruptive innovation by one of the restaurant owners in Bangalore.

You’re not asked to pay for the meals/drinks that you consume. You’ll be charged for the amount of time you spend in the restaurant. Make your own sandwiches, prepare your own cold coffee and pay them five rupees for every minute you spend in the place. Interesting, isn’t it?

It’s customer service. The restaurant wants to answer all food questions, good or bad. It wants people to gather around, spend time together and with the restaurant. One way to look at it is like a buffet, with a variation that you don’t spend a fixed amount here.

It wants customers to be informed. It wants customers hungry, not just for Big customised sandwiches, but for a brand that is hungry to be with them.

3 thoughts on “Pay Per Minute

    1. It does, which is why they have probably made it a self service one, where you are preparing your own sandwiches and stuff. Maybe it’s their idea of keeping them there for long. Lets see how it works out! 🙂

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