C’est La Vie


Is it better off left,

or is it better off said?

I hear the waves crashing onto the shore,

It’s like for you, I won’t exist anymore.

This one’s a dreadful thought,

Cos I remember, we sat in the balcony,

And swore to each other we’ll fight all odds.

I know it is I who broke the vow,

But I hear the raindrops falling now.

All of them whispering one thing into my ear,

You are my closest heartbreak.

You are my closest heartbreak.


I sit by my window and sweet memories takeover,

What would I not do to live it all over?

I know it was I,

But didn’t you say you’ll follow me behind!

I have been waiting in the dark,

Your picture in my hand

Story of a broken heart.

One more chance, I dare not say,

I fathom any words can’t make you stay.

My heart hurts, my bones ache,

I can’t deny- aberrations were made.

Yes, some unforgivable.

I wish today that it were a dream,

And that I had never given in into this fable.

I wish you were still mine,

Or I hadn’t met you at all.

You are my closest heartbreak.


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