To a lifetime


A new start, a new place,

Living on those splendid outskirts,

Life took a beautiful face.

Amid everyone new,

To him, to her, to all I greet.

And as I adrift in our memories today,

I wonder, how did we first meet?

Was it for a reason?

Or among people strange and same age,

Love was in the season?

Or would you say it was destiny,

Cause we both felt we were meant to be.


That cup of coffee, that silent walk,

Holding hands and random talk,

Little did we know that that coffee cup,

Will be our shot at happiness.

After all, we didn’t fall knowing we were falling,

Up for a lifetime together, I know we were all in.

The thought of living away would leave us frozen,

And today, it’s what seems chosen.

A hug could solve it all, remember?

Today I see us and sadly I sense,

Our love burnt and it’s cooling down to an ember.


It’s all I have to say.

For I don’t want to have a clue,

On what it is like without you.


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