Scarred over


The night is dark, silent and still

Your words, out of my mind I park

I glance out my window and sigh at the night sky

Searching for a glimmer of hope, a struggling spark

I stand bereaved and bitter, yet I can’t blame you either

Cause I know I was the one to shy away, the one to break it off

Your cries of agony turned into desperate whimpers

Was it love, or lack of thereof?


You were the light of my life, everything for what my eyes would shine

The best one could ever hope to be

It was I who turned my mast to tempting horizons

Sailing still, though I feel lost at sea

This sorrow we both must endure, unaided and alone

Even if it leaves us lifeless and shallow

There is a void in my heart no one else can fill

Some souls are destined to remain hollow


When the years fly by and our tears dry away

You’ll find my door still open

With my silhouette still there, a desolate shadow

And soul entirely broken

My corpse when you lay to rest

Lie me down in a field on a midsummer day

With the breeze blowing like it did on our first kiss

And our shadows rolling in the hay.


– Co-written by Kshitij Kapur

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