Different Strokes


I reek of cigarette smoke and moonshine breath,

She smells like the freshly soaked earth after a summer rain.

I’m the cold, biting frost on a winter night,

She’s the golden warmth of dawn, that eases the pain.


Yet we unite like the sun meets the sky,

Both coming together to shape a sweeping embrace.

Watching each difference form a beautiful imperfection,

Like pieces of a jigsaw we fit, creating fireworks in the starry space.


I’m the dusty desert trail, the one that travelers avoid

She’s a lush green forest path, lined with thriving foliage.

I’m the sickly bowl of gruel, shoved to the orphan’s hands,

She’s the enticing homely meal, lovingly arranged.


Still she is mine and I am the cynosure of her eyes,

Together we imprint the story of a lifetime.

Like colors contrasting, in hue we paint the skies.

Smitten we live, and shall die with our souls intertwined.

Co-written by Kshitij Kapur.

2 thoughts on “Different Strokes

  1. Contrasting the complimentary. A fascinating take and beautifully described. The right and the left completing the whole. This what I read here. Regards Chris T.

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