Far and Wide



A quest to unravel this addle,

To solve the entangled strings

In deeds tabooed and things prohibited I meddle,

Smoking my conscience away in ashes


Now each morning dawns,

Awakening my body and weakening my spirit

Every touch cuts like a wound,

Brewing darkness inside my heart’s hollow pit


An endless wait I shall endure,

To break my soul free and liberate this mind

For I marred a love so pure,

Flying I assumed I was, hard I swooped down blind


All my acts shall define my penance,

This angel here I scarred

For losing my mind and our life’s balance,

What went around is coming back at me hard


I come to you and repent now,

But the most I sense is a silenced vow

I see you in everyone and my words slur,

My heart stops when it spots you enchanted to her.


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