The Sandcastle


I wake up to my beautiful world,

It’s comforting as the soft golden sand.

With great caution, I hold it in my hand.

Keeping the sand moist, though sometimes I dry it out.

Upholding my love, to the entire world I shout.


But to one allure of a stone,

I burn our love to ashes and bones.

Fist open my hand and the sand slips away,

Into pieces small, I see my castle shatter its way.

And I come back to life, lifeless and grey.


My nightmare has now left me wide awake,

With a mind so restless and a soul full of ache.

Both fixated on getting us out of this labyrinth,

Finding our world back to my delicate dream.


If I find you lying next to me in my sleep,

I’ll hold you closest to my heart,

And you’ll be forever mine to keep.

But now what is being pursued is a quest,

To find and amass the fallen grains of sand

Like broken pieces of you,

To hold and reinvest.


The journey I know is not painless and smooth,

As we realize you are definite to meet the ocean.

While I struggle through to get my heart to soothe,

And I choose the path of arrant devotion.


Erased I am even today,

What’s difficult is to hold the ink again.

And with my backbone broken,

Find one more time, the strength to stand.



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