The Promising Truth


Floating amidst lies all their lives,

They trim their conscience away.

Piece by piece with a sharp knife,

Each time they play an actor in life’s play.

And shove the story down everyone’s throat.


But these sentiments from a neutral eye,

We think they matter why?

Cause after every single deceit,

They continue as if that is the way to be.


I wonder if they get suffocated,

In a self that for long hasn’t seen a true mirror.

Cause a lie told is everything I have always hated,

Like a layer added on my skin, a trait unfamiliar.


Though Truth in today’s world I feel, is overrated.

Being everything we all say we want to see.

Even when lie remains a saviour and honesty outdated.


But truth is a promise we made,

To each other when we removed all layers we had to ourselves.

For we knew, all the mistakes would one day fade.


Then why is it today,

That we cannot accept the truth anymore?

That better are the lies spoken and the things kept grey.

Are we the same people that said ‘Truth’ is the condition?

If it was, then where are we?

If we are not, then was truth a lie too?


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