My Universe


Mystic and naive,

You enter my circle of life

Got closest to the midpoint,

Closer than anyone else has ever been

Yet you’re incessant in seeking the center

Troubled I was,

So I slowly push you toward the outer.


But you hang on to the edge.

With a hope that we too will keep our pledge.

But now the clock of time has ticked,

Reversing its hands.

Bringing you where I was,

And pushing me out of your plans.


It’s I that revolve around now,

Seeking you at the center.

I’ve become that merry-go-round,

That watches you from a distance,

But in your life can never enter.


Alone I keep,

Not that I feel alone or live alone,

But it’s all about the being they say.

Late at night or mid in the day,

I cry out aloud, my mind keeping all else at bay.

With just one solace

That the love I miss,

And the memory of that kiss,

Resides not with me alone.

We share our universe,

Even with our love strangled and thrown.


Miles apart, I know you are there.

Feeling the same void,

And longing for the same love.

You say you are not mine,

But I spot us together in this and in everything.

With our hearts beating together,

And souls beseeching for a ‘whether’


You say you have left me,

Then why do I feel your embrace?

As if it’s sharing the pain of my loneliness.


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