Beyond oblivion


Glancing at the grey sea,

Soaking in the quiet summer breeze.

I have your thoughts taking over my mind,

Not that any second of any day is any different.


Albeit these everyday tasks that seem bizarre,

Try hard to keep my mind off, not touching any scar.

Until one string clicks,

And flashes back all memories.

Getting each part of me wholly restless,

Snapping me out of where I am, my resolve helpless.


So I stroll down the memory lane,

Holding your hand every day.

Still can’t place which one reality is,

The one where happiness meant us,

Or the one that demands separation?


Every night while battling for sleep,

There’s a secret my heart keeps,

I would have happily given up my life,

And yet you had to ask for my pride.

Reminding me that it’s not I anymore,

Who finds a place in your heart.

And that your dreams of a happy life have found,

This downtown girl, setting us far apart.


Now each moment I tell myself,

That you can’t complaint, remember

You are the one that plotted this mess,

And now you’re only paying your debts.


Yet there is one thing that I can’t help but wonder,

All this blame that I rest on my shoulder,

We say I have earned it, right?

Then why is it that-

Looking deep into the mirror of my deeds,

I see you replaying the game,

Planting just the same seeds.


Howbeit I stand all ready to drown,

But it’s only you who will take me down.

Cause today, nothing matters much,

And there’s nothing much that matters.



One thought on “Beyond oblivion

  1. Well written !!!. Just wonder why all your poems are poignant and melancholic.

    Wish you happiness. While i dont know you well, I understand that choice is common denominator for all humans .Choose happiness and joy. Let go off anything which binds you.

    Wish you well !!


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