Inside Out


Silver drops of rain,

Like falling beauty on that center fountain,

It’s as if the entire universe rejoiced,

When your mere presence brought brightness to my day.

And watching the rains from my balcony,

Blissful romance made way.


Amid a family made of people new,

Laughter and giggles earmarked our togetherness.

I thought it was something we chose but,

Wasn’t it heaven itself plotting our closeness?


Since childhood, I saw people changing their stance,

Committing sins without a second glance.

Still can’t fathom how I could cross to that side,

Even when miles away, to everything we promised,

You know I did abide.


Situations today stand different though.

Each day surrounded by faces known,

I have the same thoughts crossing my mind.

Struggling to make sense of this irony of life.


To future, each one of us stands blind.

It is only faith that keeps hope alive.

Then why is it that what seemed so real

And felt so sacred,

Holds no value today,

And is replaced by hatred.


See me today if you,

I’ll hug you close and tight.

Cause true bliss only exists in moments.

And if what ‘we’ don’t exist today,

I doubt the existence of reality in the first place.


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