Ebbing Away


There’s a sound I know,

I hear it everywhere I go.

Silent as a felony,

Feels like it likes the feeling of being lonely.


Calmly resting on a precipice’s edge,

Confused and scared, I shrug as I hear it,

Stand back up, try to search for my own kind.

Only to realize they’re no longer mine,

And I sit back to find, that neither am I.


Remember that time,

When anyone who came looking me,

Would find me lost in you?

And I’d go to the common room all the time,

Asking everyone where were you!


Few years hence we stand,

So lost and confused.

I know you’ve been here too,

But right now, I am looking for you,

Hoping to find myself somewhere in there too.


And if it weren’t for the magic that we were,

I wouldn’t be holding you so close-

That your loss feels like a hole in the heart,

Ripping it hard and so right apart.


Dismal and wistful is the air I breathe,

And closure is the only solace that I seek.

Now I am trapped everywhere I don’t want to be.

And there’s nowhere really that I think I’ll ever live.





2 thoughts on “Ebbing Away

  1. Gosh. …Another heart wrenching and poignant piece.

    While you write very well , the last 2 paras are so sad. Looks like someone who is fiercely holding on to the past and more importantly defining the rest of their life by an event / relationship of the past .

    Life is a very precious gift and everyone deserves to live it well. Having said that, it’s mostly a choice . We need to Breakthrough our past and not let it define us. More power to you !!!

  2. While we always think there’s going to be another door,
    I feel life hits you harder than it prepares you for. 🙂

    P.s. The poem is purely a work of fiction.

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