Amid worldly lineups and chores,

I watch everyone as they pass through the door.

Hallucinating my horcrux fall apart and tear,

My mind is at sixes and sevens here.


As prosaic as each day seems,

I count every second as it passes.

Breaking off in a loop, falling back in,

Like a bird trying to fly with a broken wing.


And each time I take a long fall,

I look down at my phone.

Wishing for it to flash that one call,

Probability of which to both is well known.


And chase I can as much as I like,

What matters most is that you live your life.

So pray as much as I may,

But we know it’s always one who’s at stake.


So embracing these dark clouds in the sky,

I’ll shed a tear for you not stopping by.

And if it is the rains that I have to befriend,

I shall. Cause I realize,

Even the brightest sunshine

Can’t offer me the light of my life.



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