All I can


I stand right here,

With my presence nowhere close.

Detached from everyone,

Inside a flurry of emotions enclose.


Sleeping though,

I wake amid the shadows of the past,

Engrossed in everything I can find,

I live with a heart perpetually racing fast.


So these sleepless nights and the achings of the heart,

Lead me today to seek a new start.

Where I turn all my wrong deeds around,

Hoping that ‘we’ can still be found.


Alas, all I can is try.

To make our tears of loss go dry.

Make you forget your loud wails,

And change path of those painful trails.

Heal you from all the pain I instilled,

And resurrect the trust that was once killed.


This pain and this anxiety,

I have been trying to escape.

All of it brings me to think again,

Is it the best of this chance I could make?

And if it is,

My helplessness shouts.

I would rather disappear than have my mind brew these doubts.



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