The Favorite Chapter


Soaking in the golden summer hue,

I welcome this life completely new.

Strange and so difficult,

It isn’t what I would ordinarily call typical.


Always watching you from a distance,

I wondered why we had this coexistence.

Now I know it was what I had always wanted,

Holding your hand, it’s you I everyday flaunted.


Amid our remarkable closeness though,

There are a million things I think I learnt.

Loving you with all my might,

Showered the purest liberation my life had earned.


Everyday closing in in your arms,

I’d tell you stories of my bus ride harms.

And how life was when I was a child.

I can still picture your face with that sincere smile.

You were my diary, my confidant.

Someone I had grown to see as my life essential.


Your memories embedded that deep,

Hurt me now, inviting a wistful weep.

I look everywhere and still can’t find a face to turn to,

With my diary torn, my soul just seems to have withdrew.



2 thoughts on “The Favorite Chapter

  1. A slight modification will be appropriate :
    You were my diary, my confidential — You were my diary, my confidant ( Correct )

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