The Weight of Burdens


A glass of coke, some cheese sandwich.

The midnight strikes and it’s what you bring for your demanding witch.

Remember how we always fought,

Each of us saying he loves the other more.

I guess the answer is clearer now.

As I broke our sacred vow.

Maybe you did love me more after all,

And there are things that I cannot blame you for.


But tell me if you will please,

Enduring our struggles alone in that cold breeze

In a state desolate and bereft,

Did you not turn to others once I left?

Whether it was to help your lonesome being,

Or to get over what none of us was foreseeing.

You tell me it would all have been fine,

If I just waited and had kept my mind.

But I ask you, and I mention again with no blames to be put,

Why could YOU not wait with a strong foot?



Alone I know you grew,

But I feel alone amid a hundred people too.

And it is not my loneliness that kills me,

It’s the pain of not having you with me.


These days when I reminisce the past,

I remember mom always said I was careless.

I wish I had heard her then

Heard her and we wouldn’t be standing at crossroads today


But no matter our paths,

You have earmarked a larger part of my heart.

Rise and shine, oh sweet child of mine

It will just be a matter of time

That you will see,

My miseries have finally set you free.



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