The Battle of Love


A smile and a giggle,

Atop a heart beating brittle.

If that is what happiness means,

I would say I have it in my genes.

Cause every morning they ask me,

“How are you doing miss?”

When I put on a wry smile, say I am fine.

Thinking for a moment, if the heartache went amiss.


So I try a level substantial hard,

To not think of you,

Knowing it’s your life from which I am barred.

And I go on with the next chore in line.

Wondering if any of us is really fine?


Cause I haven’t been.

For what seems like a lifetime without you.

Losing you was one thing,

What I didn’t know,

Was losing myself is something too it would bring.

Now my mind wanders our empty castle halls,

And I crave the calmness you give to my soul.


I wronged us, yes.

But had I not been right a hundred times too?

Yet we must reap what we sow,

So sit as I do, today forlorn,

Albeit I can’t say,

Whether I am more amazed by the glory of love,

Or amused by the destruction it spawns.






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