Night and Day

I am the cold winter rain that people spite,

He has the mildness of a summer sun on the beach.

I pinch like the anxious weep of a shattered dream,

He offers comfort as peaceful as a baby’s sleep.


Though destiny plays games most hurtful of all,

We, maybe were not meant to be after all.

Tricked me into believing that he could forever be mine,

Had me forgotten that darkness could never be a home to light.


There is a meanness dripping alongside my touch,

He carries the selflessness of a mother’s hug.

I am the greed in a skinflint person’s dream,

He is the content felt from a soothing river stream.


Despite the fate that comes written on one’s hand,

This earth has now felt what’s it like to kiss the sky.

Keeping a silent promise to always watch over the other,

In their own loneliness, they make each other’s most loyal ally.




10 thoughts on “Night and Day

  1. Alternating negative and positive is a good device. This speaks of a self that is not liked, for what ever reason. Then destiny arrives and screws things up. The positive may not be what it at first seemed. But high emotions lift hearts to the sky. A bond is made which the cosmos cannot destroy. Fate and the timescape are both deceptions.
    This is my humble reasoning and how this piece resonated with me. Thanks for this. Chris T.

    1. Fate and timescape I believe are unplayable with, however our emotions if what I find deceptive. They change their direction with wind and where they don’t is where we meet conviction.
      Positive is the light and the truth that he is. Negative is the darkness inside her heart. And yet, A bond is made which the cosmos cannot destroy.

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