The ultimate do all

A bird’s chirpiness, a fruit’s color,

His adjoining mine, I carried a relentless vigor.

Life turned beautiful, it was all so surreal,

Like all wishes from shooting stars turned true for real.


Wary as I was, I couldn’t trust good fortune,

So it squeezed the happiness out, now giving no option.

But maybe what flows through me is not love, not quite.

Otherwise I wouldn’t have run away from everything right.


And if love is the ultimate do all,

Then why didn’t I do much?

To keep you in my life, with blissfulness such.


Though one thing I have learnt from all this is,

Forgiveness in today’s world does not come cheap.

And if I can’t grant it to myself,

How can I expect YOU to put your anger off the shelf?


So go my beloved child,

Create for yourself a life shining bright.

For the biggest solace in my remaining life,

Shall be to see you achieving glorious heights.


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