The Anxiety Tour

4 a.m. July 1, 2018


Standing on a tall building’s terrace,

Under mild rain she watches the city lights perish.

Her burning skin not soothed by the water drops,

Reticent to all, it’s lost love she wants to cherish.


Having known the stories of both sides though,

No possible justification any of them does owe.

Stupid she was for taking him for granted,

For the seeds of grief she herself planted.


It is shadows now that she lives in,

Trying to relieve herself of her own sin.

Walks down the memory lane through the length of the day,

But observes only faults with each peek within.


Never a part of the crowd,

And never able to demarcate herself from it.

Her shadow became her friend and her biggest confidante,

Watches all her tears and carries the guilt of her past.


But all she wants is to do away with her spirit.

So she can be somewhere and yet nowhere.

A road destitute of the worldly allures,

Where her tears turn into starry dew drops.



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