An elderly’s senility,

Resembles our ability,

To make sense of our own emotions.


Looks like a bucket is all we get.

And life is miraculous,

Our feelings spectacular,

When its filled in entirety with one emotion-




With our selves led to believe

That it is the one sole power

Purest of all,

and paramount.

We readily give ourselves up,

And let this power consume us.


Only before our volatility hits again,

With its strength of a storm.

Getting current emotions to flow out

Making room for the new ones

Sometimes leaving an immense void,

Mighty enough to swallow our being.


And to think of it,

Our powerless minds do see it all

Keeping paralyzed even more than our crippled hearts.

Maybe we are just as hollow as that bucket

Defined differently every moment

by the wind of our volatile emotions.



6 thoughts on “Volatility

  1. We are indeed what we feel, emotions do have the power real strong.
    Love might make us volatile, yet it is the one emotion that can make us strong as a rock ! 🙂
    I loved the honesty and bravery of expression in this ! ❤
    Wishes and love 🙂

      1. I so do understand, they are the so indecisive sometimes that it makes us the confused soul. Yet somehow I feel its better to be this way, to feel, I know that gets a bit too much sometimes, but it allows to witness so much. The chaos, and the unsettling sentiments sometimes brings the best in us when finally they do decide to settle !
        Hang in there, just feel, and don’t think too much, its okay to feel the way you do ! ❤
        Much love and wished sending your way ! 🙂

      2. If they do decide to settle, yes. But what is they’re constantly unsettled? Making you feel anxious every single moment, completely taking over your mind. But yes, I think love comes with a price to pay and it’s the most unforgiving emotion that exists. 🙂

  2. The Voice of youth? Oh heart leave your weighty history in the past. The young have all the answers. This is a fabulous piece. It really is. It questions mortality. Everyday our mortality grows in significance. At 62 I can vouch for it. Please write more. I am a follower of the future I will watch as you work. Love Chris T.

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