Tall and Trapped

We are free ever since we are born,

Living lives on our own accord,

Always being free to speak,

Always exercising free to choose.

But I sit back and wonder today,

What is freedom really?

Not being possessed by someone,

Or feeling free at heart?


Cause I remember flying, up high in the sky

With you holding my hand, staying right by my side

That I have felt so free within my heart,

Like there’s no happiness better on the ecstasy chart.


Today I breathe some two continents apart,

And free I should be, by all means thus far.

Yet I am as chained as one could be,

Trapped in the guilt of my own careless deeds.


Now I know we are all physically free,

But how does one gain freedom over the mighty will?

Over capricious thoughts and the scarlet sins,

His sense of loss and those clipped wings?

He will never fly again and yet here we are,

Basking in the glory of our freedom.


4 thoughts on “Tall and Trapped

  1. Very thoughtful
    An eventful view of freedom experienced by the free. But which freedom? The free from our the free to? Free from oppression or free to express? I like this piece much. More. Regards Chris T.

  2. I hear you, and not only that I feel every bit of it !
    The freedom of the heart is when it feels free, even though it is fixed in the thoughts, thoughts that are pleasant, thoughts that revolve around a fulcrum that owns that heart ! 🙂
    I loved it amisha, absolutely ! ❤

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