Moving in Circles

Perplexed I keep, fascinated I stand,

Seeing how the universe works in circles.

As the one who breaks the heart,

Stays forever heartbroken.


And I breathe melancholy,

this minute and every other.

For I long the love,

Your eyes spoke of.

How it would slash through my skin,

Reach unbent to my soul.

Lifting its spirits,

like nothing else it had known.


But everything feels unreal now,

And it seems as if only you were real.

Or maybe it was all a dream.

But where you were with me,

Was a world so different

from where I hold today.

With every part of me screaming,

That this is not where we belong.


So I beg and beseech in my prayers

To be free, from you and from me.

For I can’t be living in these worlds two different.

And once I have known the one with you,

I can’t be at peace in the one without.

For every other thing in the universe,

My heart deems worthless.

3 thoughts on “Moving in Circles

  1. Because the Universe expands and time is linear, what was, is gone. What is now is of the essence of life, and is to be absorbed. If the arrow of time points to the future, every-ones heart belongs to the future. Just a reaction to your piece. It works. Chris T.

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