Till Eternity?


My thoughts would cross your head a million times,

Even when I always was in the back of your mind.

An hour without each other wouldn’t seem to pass,

And we have come to witness this terrible day, alas.


Only now when it has been months,

That I sometimes am brave enough to make your mention.

Tell them how I see fireworks when I think of us,

And how our promises of eternity were cold cut.


And I sincerely admit, to you and to all,

That it’s MY mistakes leading to OUR fall.

But I do not know what to do and how,

As the clock of time has ticked now.


Though I have heard them say that time heals all,

Then why can’t I stop feeling this burning hole?

That deep void inside my chest,

Like I am made of nothing but scrap.


And each night as I lay wide awake,

There’s not much I feel but heartache.

That’s when my mind decides to revisit the happy chapters,

And this heart struggles to find its ‘eternity’ answers.


But deep inside I think I realize,

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep our love alive.

And I lose myself one small bit,

Each time I choose to love you still.


7 thoughts on “Till Eternity?

  1. Loved this poem even though it was filled with pain from a lost love. You are right time heals all wounds. Smiles and happy thoughts make life easier. Keep writing from your heart !

  2. A raw account of lives hurt. This is well written and sincere. I can tell you 40 years ago I was there. It will ease. Don’t stop writing. Regards Chris T.

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