There’s light pouring in through my window, 

I peek outside and it snares into my eyes, 

Blinding my vision and blurring my mind.

The memories are still not lost though,

I can’t help but visit the same thoughts.


Why did I love him so much? 

How could I give in everything? 

Why did you make me feel like that was all it, 

When the plan all along was to take him from me.


I can’t argue the wrongs weren’t mine,

But was it not a conspiracy of your mind? 

Otherwise how could I feel so consumed in his love,

And still relieve myself of the promises l behoved?


Did I wake up from the dream that love was,

Where I didn’t need a thing

beyond the joy of his presence

Where I would make for his cynosure

And he is the one I build my world around.

Cause if I weren’t dreaming, 

It can’t happen

that one moment, 

Each cell of my body rejoices this energy propelled by love,

And the very next moment, feel destroyed by it. 

Leaving no visual cue of a shatter,

Only the blaring sound of a broken dream. 

11 thoughts on “LUMOS

  1. It shook me to the core !
    Your words are always so moving 🙂
    power of love is such that in a moment can it make you feel alive and in the other the destruction is what you feel. You brought that emotion so well in this piece ! ❤

  2. At times love is so over powering that we lose our thoughts inside some one else’s heart. Then for some unknown reason that pure sweet love turns sour and explodes killing our emotions. You are right my friend !!

  3. I have thought this question over my friend. Emotions can or possibly be resurrected. Lets discuss why those emotions died first of all. Once we expose what crushed them we can slowly open them for another chance at getting things right. Our deep down love feelings spring forth each time we come across an interesting person of the opposite sex. Yes, it the answer to your question from me after pondering this thought. Thanks for sending it along !!

      1. Yes, we should always pray for help, understanding and direction in life. Praying for help to put things back together again is always a positive event. God bless you my friend !

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