The Elixir of Love

I see the floor smeared in red today,

My soul dressed in black.

We together mourn the loss of lost love,

With our hearts beseeching for yet another chance.


Love is all we seek in our otherwise shallow lives,

And happiness without it seems like a big fat lie.

How could I kill our first creation, our love?

When it was gentle as a flower, pure as a dove.


My life’s dwindled in its own regrets now,

As I can’t to myself justify breaking the vow.

For even the rest of the world combined,

Cannot match your strength in my mind.

And if it Is a world without a trace of mine,

Where your happiness lies,

I wish you my love,

A lifetime full of smiles.


These days when you feel so estranged,

I am surprised to never have felt you closer.

As if you reside right inside my heart,

Telling me to clear my conscience, yet breaking us apart

But how do I tell you that there is still

A million ounces of love left to smother

That I feel like a glass of stained water I cannot filter

That of your love, I have created and consumed the elixir.


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