Zero Hour

If you fear all that follows is regret,

And not being able to hold a grudge

Would you still go ahead?

Would you still take the plunge?


When options carved aren’t white and black,

And the choice made will be cast in stone.

There is emotion attached and maybe no coming back,

What then would you do to atone?


Your life here and now stands at crossroads,

Where each road bends into a different path.

You are only as wise as the roads seen afar,

Lying ahead could be calm bliss or fiery wrath.


Standing here today, you can choose to let me go,

Or follow my steps and keep me close.

We may walk together and never meet on this path,

Either way we will embody two forever anxious hearts.


The path chosen now shall define your fate,

While a chance afresh will stay a distant dream.

The road right chosen showers the gift of balance,

A serenity in soul shining into a happiness gleam.


Co-written by Kshitij Kapur

4 thoughts on “Zero Hour

  1. If life can be described as a lattice work, then many crossroads will be encountered. If life is considered a series of chance meetings many choices must be made. This would preclude any notion of zeros or hours. As time is life and life takes a lifetime to live there are many chances to love. Love during the moment. Count on these moments to live then bring your love along with you through time. Only offer your love to the person in whom you find love. Entrust your hesrt to a giving heart. Leave Zero alone. Give Zero none of your time. Regards Chris T.

  2. I know, if the heart and love were mere elements of logic the world would be bereft of Art. I suppose your piece was enough to cause thought. Therefore it achieved something. I continue to be as follower. Keep on keeping on. Chris T.

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