One Step Away

Seek happiness, I’ve heard them all say

And here I stand, only one step away.

A step separating us, keeping us

from finding our solacing embrace.


We could live the life of our dreams,

And we will be happy so, that the world will be jealous.

If only you could walk the path of forgiveness,

But then I guess, not all have a merciful heart.


Amid the feelings of love, I feel this hate,

For the power you hold over me.

How you can make my day,

With just something simple you say.

And how you get my soul restless,

While I stand there and watch, feeling powerless and frail.


I don’t know how else to repent now,

I step forward and bow down.

To plead to you to accept,

What you once fought to have kept.


We can move ahead now if you haven’t already.

Walk on our dreams and crush them steady.

I can’t promise to get you out of my heart though.

You are engraved in it and the feelings only seem to grow.


I shall be quiet to help you get going.

But look into my eyes next time when we meet.

You’ll see a fire implode and we both will witness my fall.

This facade of calmness is a mask after all.

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