Sitting by the bay underneath a hued sky,

I see my reflection staring back, standing high.

It appears dead dark as a ghost,

A glaring semblance to the color of my soul.


As spotless as we all seem on the outer,

Is how unnoticed the dirt on the inside passes.

Cause truth is never as it would appear,

And love is as unbreakable as a mirror is.


Albeit there’s a unique solace I feel in the rain,

For it washes away the flinty surface stains.

Bringing out the hidden darkness of the world,

As if uncovering filth under conscience’s cloak curled.


But nothing quite wipes the agony away.

It resides deep in me like a man held in chains.

Alive, but feeling only pain.

It’s going to be sometime till I breathe again.


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