Together Apart


He is the burning sun propelling light into the world,

She absorbs blatant darkness under the day sky.

He feels like kindled coal on a chilly winter night.

She is cold like death in complete vitality of life.


He oozes the goodness and purity of fire,

She burns life to the ground like wildfire.

His touch is an absolution from all worldly sins.

She is a reckless soul committing irreversible deeds.


He is the solemn promise of an eternity,

She marks the beginning of an end.

In their extremeness, they are differently alike.

In her meaningless life, he is God’s truest lie.


For he protects her, like the sky covers this earth.

Never touching her and yet forming her world.

6 thoughts on “Together Apart

    1. It’s a comparison drawn by a person who’s full of self loathing between herself and someone she appreciates a lot. The elements used are just a reference for better explanation purposes. 🙂

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