Cold Love


In open fields under bright sunlight,

I stand still, feeling so blind.

Seeing nothing but the marks,

Testifying of us being profoundly scarred.


Tell me today I didn’t love you enough,

That all my promises of truth were a bluff.

Assume all you may, but I know the lord knows,

In my turn, I gave it all.

Things significant and moments small,

In my turn, I gave it all.


There’s so much between us that’s left unsaid,

So many things that I have kept to myself.

I fear now if there ever will be a closure,

Thinking my heart is still stuck, even though it’s over.


There’s little regret now, for in our love and in our fall,

In my turn, I gave it all.

There’s nothing now that I am left with,

Love or happiness- I don’t know which one’s a bigger myth.

12 thoughts on “Cold Love

  1. It’s hard to put ourselves through the risk of heartache when we’ve had our hearts broken, but we shouldn’t ever give up on the opportunity to love and be loved. For love is a special and magical thing. But time is needed for the heart to heal and mend in order to love again.๐ŸŒนโค๏ธ

      1. I can see that, but I thinks it depends on the person and their ability to mourn the loss and let go and and start anew. Of course that expert will always be with them, but I’d believe that the relationships that have come and gone from my life..I know it wasn’t meant to be forever, but I relish the good memo and have allowed my growth to help me heal and learn from those experiences opening my heart to more love and opportunities.

      2. If only everyone was as brave as yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Iโ€™ve come to think that mourning is addictive too. We stay closest to the memories that way and the person who gave them to us.

      3. Moving on can indeed be hard. Especially, if a loved one passed away. My passed away when I was a teenager, I miss dearly, but I know he’s with my in my heart and he’s always watching over me.

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