Orange World

Reminiscing  myself in the sky soaring,

I am sad today for the world is orange.

Not the hues of the sky,

I guess it is the anxiety of my mind.

My heart beats so fast,

I go and hide beneath the wall.

Holding and pressing my chest,

Trying to soothe the restlessness.

In moments like these,

I once again let my heart slip.

To look back and regret the deeds,

As sweet memoirs get another generous read.

Alas we are where we are,

Each one of us hiding our worst scar.

And it takes only one reflection,

For me to know, I want to be nowhere.

I close my eyes, to think of where I’d rather be.

And the only place I see is a dark site,

To keep me away from the truth and its blinding light.

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