There’s sound of chaos and melody of activity,
And yet what I hear is the echo of my heartbeat.

I look up to see the world, 
But everything is moving so fast. 
I stay still, trying to breathe in, 
But in a jiffy, life marched past.
While I stood right there,
Moving to the rhythm of our dance.

So I snap back in what seems real
this very moment,
And there is nothing that I feel.
I look for you everywhere but
It is as if life itself is concealed.

And just as I happen to grasp,
The meaning of nothingness and its clasp
in my life, I am out like a light,
Standing still yet all stupefied.
That I look at myself, 
And I witness inertness in its full vitality. 

2 thoughts on “Nothingness

  1. I’ve been there where you feel like you’re stuck standing still while everything else moving so quickly around you…time passing you by…it’s like you’re stuck in the twilight zone.🤔😉

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