Everybody we meet and everything we touch is by destiny. Then why does it happen that some experiences are so profound- that they shape us into who we are and become imprints?

Today my eyes open to the golden morning light,

With its softness, warming my heart as I turn sides.

Briefly glancing at the bedside picture, as I acknowledge wake of the day.

My anxiety taking over me that very moment, telling me it’s there to stay.

So I try and gather myself back up, taking steps every day.

But I know consciously that all my actions are to achieve a delay

Of acceptance, that you believe we will never be okay,

Of belief, that I can just not find a way.

And just as I reflect back, it seems

As if life moved forward while time stood still.

My steps are still trying to find a way,

To trace back the path, of your imprints.

7 thoughts on “Imprints

  1. Some people or experiences truly leave a permanent imprint on our hearts and souls that will never leave us and we will never forget. Some of these imprints are happy leave us with fond memories, some cause us angst, pain, and scars to bare. Regardless of those imprints and the impression they’ve left…we need to remember we’re stronger than we think and they have left a mark, but you are mighty and magical and full of beauty that shines from the inside out if we look deep within inside ourselves and let that light grow and fill us brimming to the core.

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