Still in love

The sun to my day and the cool to my mind.

Without you, this world is dark and a place unkind.

For you are the breeze that makes my spirits fly,

Your absence for me means suffocation under wide open sky.

The food to my soul and light to my spirit,

Why shouldn’t I call you the reason of my being.

For without you, this world is an abyss dark,

And I seek solace from every memory, every scar.

That childlike smile, that innocent face,

The seamless ways in which you enter my mind space.

Yes, I am making many attempts to rise above,

But you can’t hate me while I’m still in love.

Far you are from me today, but tell me how I should separate

Your presence from my life, when you are the blood in my veins.

Amor de mi vida

The evening that I laid my eyes, 
On that red shirt with mere surprise.

I couldn’t get my head around how were so graceful, 
Recalling exactly how we got lost in our simple conversation.

So much so that we forgot to look outside,
And didn’t appreciate the beauty of that blessed night.
It was a meteor shower, 
With each grain carrying a blessing. 

And so I found you so close to me, 
Holding me gently under the next moon crescent.

Have I ever told you how it felt so fulfilled, 
To be wrapped in the warmth of your arms. 
To know that there’s nothing I want further, 
But to stay lost in the world of your charm. 

At that instant and in that moment, 
I found everything I could wish for. 
And we let ourselves flow in the wind of ardor, 
Intoxicated by the stars we saw in each others’ eyes.
Lost in the magic we created, 
Afraid each moment of it not lasting forever, 
Albeit faithful that even the universe
Could not destroy something so pure.
Looking back today, I feel that we lived a lifetime, 
In each second we spent together. 
And while we may find happiness,
We shall never feel complete. 

His Love


A wide eyed dreamer under starlit sky,

Radiates warmth in the world like bright sunshine.

Mature demeanor with the innocent heart of a child,

A behemoth of jealousy on which even God would smile.


His eyes would always reflect a twinkle of love,

The sadness underneath is hidden from above.

Questions himself on everything time and again,

Unmatched integrity I bet, like no other man.


You look at him and there’s a feeling of content you get.

I hadn’t felt it ever until the time we met.

Some encounters although are shorter than the rest,

Leaving you with most, when it’s the least you expect.


Only once in a blue moon, is it a shooting star that we meet.

For the magic that he is, it’s for him my heart everyday beats.


Sparkling Things

There’s no saving from here, there’s no escape.

You don’t leave my mind while this heart feels an immense gape.


Did you know that your memories have a specific bling,

Like sprinkled sparkle on everything.

Gleaming and calling at me from all places,

When I am trying hard to not see you in other faces.


In bedside drawers and closed cupboards,

Lie our pictures and two slaughtered lovers.

Died who would have to keep with one another,

But promises after all are not that difficult to smother.


I am tired and yet I want to keep close,

Each memory strand and every single rose.

That binds us together in a parallel world.

Where I don’t sleep teary eyed with my body curled.