Red desert

Things break,

Even the ones unimaginably beautiful.

One doesn’t hear a sound,

And yet, feels an implode within.


It’s the biggest blow one can feel,

Like a silent shatter

To the castle of dreams

They say it shall pass,

And yet all I want


Is to hold on

To each memory trail

And hold it close

To this heart very frail


They say first love

is the most innocent one

As mesmerizing as a thing can be,

Albeit lost once,

Nothing does ever set your soul free.

The burning heart becomes a hole,

Giving your innocence a slow kill.





The ultimate do all

A bird’s chirpiness, a fruit’s color,

His adjoining mine, I carried a relentless vigor.

Life turned beautiful, it was all so surreal,

Like all wishes from shooting stars turned true for real.


Wary as I was, I couldn’t trust good fortune,

So it squeezed the happiness out, now giving no option.

But maybe what flows through me is not love, not quite.

Otherwise I wouldn’t have run away from everything right.


And if love is the ultimate do all,

Then why didn’t I do much?

To keep you in my life, with blissfulness such.


Though one thing I have learnt from all this is,

Forgiveness in today’s world does not come cheap.

And if I can’t grant it to myself,

How can I expect YOU to put your anger off the shelf?


So go my beloved child,

Create for yourself a life shining bright.

For the biggest solace in my remaining life,

Shall be to see you achieving glorious heights.


Night and Day

I am the cold winter rain that people spite,

He has the mildness of a summer sun on the beach.

I pinch like the anxious weep of a shattered dream,

He offers comfort as peaceful as a baby’s sleep.


Though destiny plays games most hurtful of all,

We, maybe were not meant to be after all.

Tricked me into believing that he could forever be mine,

Had me forgotten that darkness could never be a home to light.


There is a meanness dripping alongside my touch,

He carries the selflessness of a mother’s hug.

I am the greed in a skinflint person’s dream,

He is the content felt from a soothing river stream.


Despite the fate that comes written on one’s hand,

This earth has now felt what’s it like to kiss the sky.

Keeping a silent promise to always watch over the other,

In their own loneliness, they make each other’s most loyal ally.