One Step Away

Seek happiness, I’ve heard them all say

And here I stand, only one step away.

A step separating us, keeping us

from finding our solacing embrace.


We could live the life of our dreams,

And we will be happy so, that the world will be jealous.

If only you could walk the path of forgiveness,

But then I guess, not all have a merciful heart.


Amid the feelings of love, I feel this hate,

For the power you hold over me.

How you can make my day,

With just something simple you say.

And how you get my soul restless,

While I stand there and watch, feeling powerless and frail.


I don’t know how else to repent now,

I step forward and bow down.

To plead to you to accept,

What you once fought to have kept.


We can move ahead now if you haven’t already.

Walk on our dreams and crush them steady.

I can’t promise to get you out of my heart though.

You are engraved in it and the feelings only seem to grow.


I shall be quiet to help you get going.

But look into my eyes next time when we meet.

You’ll see a fire implode and we both will witness my fall.

This facade of calmness is a mask after all.

Castle of Dreams

You stand there all tall and stern,

But your eyes are like a mirror.

And I am the reflection they throw,

In every glimpse one catches of you.


I deceive with my feeble look and fragile self,

If only you could see through me

You would find the anger I suppress,

Powerful so that it can melt my bones.


These impersonations are what we ran from,

When we built our world in one another.

Running across the field in our castle of dreams,

Lying on the grass, watching and feeling safe under your favorite stars.


But now when I open my eyes and you’re nowhere to be found,

I don’t know if I’m alive or it’s a dark spell to which my heart is bound.

You know as gentle as I think you have been, is how much I see you now feel numb.

Special I knew I never was, terrible I don’t know along the way how I have become.



There’s light pouring in through my window, 

I peek outside and it snares into my eyes, 

Blinding my vision and blurring my mind.

The memories are still not lost though,

I can’t help but visit the same thoughts.


Why did I love him so much? 

How could I give in everything? 

Why did you make me feel like that was all it, 

When the plan all along was to take him from me.


I can’t argue the wrongs weren’t mine,

But was it not a conspiracy of your mind? 

Otherwise how could I feel so consumed in his love,

And still relieve myself of the promises l behoved?


Did I wake up from the dream that love was,

Where I didn’t need a thing

beyond the joy of his presence

Where I would make for his cynosure

And he is the one I build my world around.

Cause if I weren’t dreaming, 

It can’t happen

that one moment, 

Each cell of my body rejoices this energy propelled by love,

And the very next moment, feel destroyed by it. 

Leaving no visual cue of a shatter,

Only the blaring sound of a broken dream.