Red desert

Things break,

Even the ones unimaginably beautiful.

One doesn’t hear a sound,

And yet, feels an implode within.


It’s the biggest blow one can feel,

Like a silent shatter

To the castle of dreams

They say it shall pass,

And yet all I want


Is to hold on

To each memory trail

And hold it close

To this heart very frail


They say first love

is the most innocent one

As mesmerizing as a thing can be,

Albeit lost once,

Nothing does ever set your soul free.

The burning heart becomes a hole,

Giving your innocence a slow kill.





Black and Blue

When everything goes wrong, just be quiet and start working harder. Never decide the destination of your efforts or think I would like to achieve till this much. Because the moment you do that, you set a limit and once that happens, you start working within that limit in mind. When you do not do that and keep working hard, you can do wonders, sometimes more that anything you ever imagined.

When you start believing in yourself and work with conviction, an unknown hand just makes all your efforts stronger than they re. I always wondered what that unknown hand was, and I found my answer in this quote :

“The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.” – Vince Lombardi