When it’s time


I dream of the day that I will walk away,

Shedding the pain in my heart along the way.

When your dreams no longer make me cry in my sleep,

And the memoirs become a fond memory from wistful weeps.


The day that I find the courage,

To ask you what is going on in your life?

To hug our beloved memories tight,

Before finally keeping our bedside picture aside.


That day I will cease to fear,

Any mention of you that I may hear.

And your name will not make my heart race,

The knowledge of our zilch will not halt life’s pace.


I will embrace the dissolution of ‘us’,

In the truth of our coexistence in the universe.

It will not mean that I will have you in my heart any less,

Only that I couldn’t bear to keep up with this life and its mess.

On that day, when it is a life devoid of your hope I choose,

I will carefully pack us in a box, with a part of me to forever lose.



His Love


A wide eyed dreamer under starlit sky,

Radiates warmth in the world like bright sunshine.

Mature demeanor with the innocent heart of a child,

A behemoth of jealousy on which even God would smile.


His eyes would always reflect a twinkle of love,

The sadness underneath is hidden from above.

Questions himself on everything time and again,

Unmatched integrity I bet, like no other man.


You look at him and there’s a feeling of content you get.

I hadn’t felt it ever until the time we met.

Some encounters although are shorter than the rest,

Leaving you with most, when it’s the least you expect.


Only once in a blue moon, is it a shooting star that we meet.

For the magic that he is, it’s for him my heart everyday beats.