9 (3)

In distant lands where the waters fall,

Composing a pounding sound against the rocks.

I sit by the shore,

On my mind holding a trail of thoughts.

Wistful at each passing memory, I ask myself-

Did I do it right?


I look down at my diary,

There are blue stains from the drizzles.

Questioning each choice and every decision,

Examining all the repercussions,

Wondering if they really added up to our vision?


I know there was a beige home,

With our memories from the start on each wall.

A trip to Manchester, our focus monochrome,

Sundays you’d cook, while I’d just roam.

No big cars but moments small.


My choices I had come to introspect,

There are postcards I’ve received from hell.

Telling me, you are an out of mind foolish girl,

Boasted of honesty but hiding is a lie you tell.

I’ve known it before and I feel it now,

Life without you is a life how?


A prospect of love I’m in love with,

If not you, it’s our memories to stay herewith.

Only for you to perceive though,

Amidst the blinding darkness and the polar snow,

One knowledge came exigent,

It’s you that is my life’s eternal truth.


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