Shadows of Death


Leaning softly on the headboard,

She holds her lifeline endearingly.

It’s a quarter after ten,

And a ritual sacred to the two of them,

To earmark their ‘us’ time unerringly.


Softly embracing her,

She goes on to read her a bedtime story.

There’s one thing unvaried about these everyday tales-

They’re all about him.

In part, there’s still someone she talks about him to.


At every fable’s onset,

It’s always sunshine and rainbows.

For she believes in love, her daughter,

And even knows that the prince liked Espressos


It’s only after her child sleeps, dreaming of sweet love,

Leaving her wide awake in her loneliness.

That she soaks in the deadly silence of the night,

And lets him take all over her mind.


It’s now that she revisits the unspoken parts of the tale,

Feeling soothing solace that her child bears his name.

She’s built a life that still fits their dreams in a frame.


Today the world sees a different version,

A pleasant woman and her world residing in her child.

Truth I feel is one step away from a close immersion,

Following her everywhere, I see shadows of death.

Dancing in awe with her life of fret.



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