A life full of mysteries and blows from the thunder,

I get almost all of it but one thing remains a wonder.

That what is love, a golden snitch?

Found when you’re not even looking for it.

It will enter your life with the magnificence of a charming bride,

Show you dazzling fireworks and an unparalleled peace of mind.

It will comfort you like a hand held on the dark forest path.

Guide you with its light and then burn you with its wrath.

But now that it is a different vision I am bound to uphold.

There are certain things I think are better told.

I don’t need a sapphire, neither do I want the twilight ring.

It’s only you I seek by my side, your absence that makes me cringe.

I wish I could tell you how much it is that you mean,

That without you, every moment of life loses its sheen.

That there is absolutely nothing to which I won’t abide,

Anything that gives the slightest hint of turning the tide.


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