Do you also hear crickets at night?

Amid sincere efforts of catching sleep,

When loneliness hits with all its might.


It is then that I miss you the most,

It is then that I feel most shallow.

Loving you for your childlike innocence,

Hating myself for being naive and callow.


But when I spent my days in your arms,

It wasn’t that I needed you to fill my day,

We were letting you form and shape,

The person that I am, with love and faith.


So I think of you today and I can’t help

but stand still and feel trapped

In a mirage of love we both created,

Though our lifetime together doesn’t seem fated.


In these moments of agonizing pain,

I am fearless.

For I can’t imagine feeling any worse,

For the hurt cuts so much,

That it numbs my body and kills my heart,

Doesn’t let me feel and rips my soul apart.


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